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SURJ Values:

Calling People In, Not Out.

Accountability Through Collective Action.

Take Risks, Make Mistakes, Learn, and Keep Going.

Organize out of Mutual Interest.

There is Enough For All.

Growing is Good.

Center Class.

The Root Causes of CCSURJ

The rural Colorado mountain towns are generally known as safe, and to live in one is to embrace the bubble mentality of this privilege of presumed safety. However, this “safe bubble” is primarily held by the affluent and white. One can look around and see white supremacy in the very makeup of our populations. Who is visible? The fact that we live in a community with an overwhelming lack of diversity is a root cause that leads CCSURJ to do our work. The misconception that racism is only in communities with high diversity and multi-racial representations is false; in fact, the very lack of diversity and multi-racial representation is evidence of effective white supremacist foundations that have effectively eradicated the possibility of diversity to thrive here. 

This lack of diversity prevents our communities from being safe spaces for all beings. And the resulting lack of ability to enjoy and partake in the life we all have a right to live is a root cause of why we work to harness our collective intentions around equity in our communities, and then focus our efforts to see our intentions into fruition.

Snowy Mountains

How can CCSURJ address these 
Root Causes?

  • Educate ourselves on how to expand the “bubble”; gather data on the needs and wants of marginalized populations on the outskirts of our “bubble”;Seek out those who are not part of our “bubble”, 

  • Seek out and build relationships with those diverse few within our marginalized populations who are already here and engage them and their needs, wants, and dreams, so that they can rightfully reclaim their power.

  • Work to educate the “bubble” on the root causes that have made our communities unequitable; 

  • Work with power holders to direct policies that challenge to overcome the root causes of inequity; The community does not become more diverse until we change policies that allow for diversity to be welcome here. To name a few, we support policies that work toward:  Housing equality; job security; investment in cultural representation in our arts community; investment in programs that address childhood inequities, food insecurity, drug addiction & substance abuse, expanded mental health resources. 

  • In advocating for actions that are informed by the needs and wants of diverse populations, we open up our community as a place that is accessible and ideal for many different walks of life.

Stoney River
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